Greetings from Planet Cabbage!
  1. Chaco Amaze Lechon Peckham
  2. Nate Dittle
  3. Ricky Lomeli
  4. Ab Menon
  5. Jesse Shantor
  6. Kevin Hayes
Cabbagehead is:

Jesse Shantor - alto sax
Chaco Amaze Lechon Peckham - tenor sax
Nate Dittle - keys
ab Menon - guitar
Kevin Hayes - bass
Ricky Lomeli - drums
Cabbagehead combines a jazz education with a punk rock energy and a progressive rock mindset to create something that has been described as "Spazz Jazz" and "Prog Bop". Every live experience is a guaranteed smorgasbord of serious arrangement, spastic eclecticism, fresh improvisation, and a humor garnish. The band is comprised of instrumentalists from both the North and East bay areas in Northern California. Their focus is original, improvisation-driven music and cover material ranges from Frank Zappa to Duke Ellington and everything in between.

Their debut full-length release - ‘AGE' -  was debuted in February of 2017.  Not long after, in August of that same year, Cabbagehead was voted "Best Jazz Band of the North Bay" in the 2017 NorBay Music Awards.

The Cabbages are always searching for new ways to confound themselves, to make each other laugh, and to bring their ideas to listeners' ears.

Join them on the journey!